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CleanMyPC Activation Code

Is your computer running slowly? If yes you shouldn’t worry as this is a common issue to almost all computer users. At many times your computer will start malfunctioning which may even lead to some programs crashing. There are many factors which may cause your computer to underperform, and one of them is junk files. Junk files will occupy a lot of space on your hard disk which may result to a low memory hence slow performance. The only solution to this is to make sure you clean your computer regularly so that there is enough space for that optimal performance. Cleaning your computer can be a complicated task when done manually. There are many areas that you need to clean and going through all these can be challenging. You will need an automated process, and this is where cleaning applications come in. There are many programs to help you clean your computer, and Cleanmypc Activation Code is one of the best soft wares. Cleanmypc Activation is a lightweight software that helps you to clean your computer entirely. This application cleans everything from your browser’s cookies, caches, and history. Cleanmypc will also delete unwanted files and soft wares giving your system an optimal performance. Cleaning browser history is not only helpful in maintaining that smooth running of your system but also it helps in keeping your personal data safe. Hackers will never get access to your system, and all your online transactions will always be safe.

CleanMyPC Activation Code + Crack Free Download

Key Features of CleanMyPC Activation Code

Manage registry

After uninstalling the unwanted applications, it doesn’t mean you are done with them completely. The applications will have left their registry, and you also need to eliminate them for the safety and better performance of your system. You can uninstall the unwanted application manually but cleaning the registry can be a challenge. This is why using Cleanmypc Activation Code can be of great help to you as you will do everything with ease. The application comes with a registry maintenance module that enables you to clean any registry about the previous soft wares. With this feature, you can clear any broken registry keys and any data that is left after removing the app from your system.

Uninstall applications

Many of the applications you install are for temporary use, and you will need to uninstall them and delete all their related data after solving your problems. However, you may forget to remove these applications, and you will get them accumulating to a large group. This will occupy the space and may bring problems to your computer. The only solution is to make sure you clear any unwanted application so that your computer will always have optimal functionality. Cleanmypc Activation Code helps you to delete all the useless applications and also clean any data that is related to them. The program will give you a list of all the installed applications and then you can select the ones you want to clear. This makes the whole process easy as there are no junk applications that will be left out. You will use very few minutes even if you are uninstalling many applications. You can select up to ten programs and delete them once. You will delete everything including any data that was related to the application.

Delete extensions

You will find yourself adding extensions to your computer daily, but not all of them will be useful. In fact, seventy percent of the extensions are useless as many of them will pop up when browsing and ask you if you want to add the extension. Many people will always click yes and this why unwanted extensions can be very many in your computer. Clearing extension without the right software can really be a daunting task. CleanMyPC helps you to clean all the extensions with just a few clicks.

Stop autoruns

You may have noticed that there are programs which will automatically run when you start your system. These autoruns can be very nagging as they pop up when you are busy doing something, and you don’t have time for them. Many people will always want to stop them, but they can’t find a way to do it. Cleanmypc Activation Code comes with Autorun module that helps you to stop all the autoruns. You can select only the ones you want to stop or even stop all of them if you don’t want any to open every time you start your computer.

Disable hibernation

Many people will choose to hibernate their computers so that the next time they turn on their computers they can start from where they left. This is common to laptop users as it’s not possible to hibernate a desktop. Although hibernation is such a helpful feature for your computer, it also has some drawbacks. During hibernation, a computer will save many files which may occupy up to 1GB without your knowledge. Cleaning this data will be essential for the smooth functioning of your computer, but it isn’t a simple task as you might think. You will need a reliable software for the task. Cleanmypc has a hibernation module that will help you to disable hibernation and keep free space on your system.

Delete files permanently

There are times when you want to delete specific files entirely from your computer. You want them eliminated in a way that they can never be recovered. This will be the case when you want your computer to have a permanent free space or maintain that confidentiality on your sensitive files such as financial reports. This application has a shredder module that will help you to delete files in a way that they can never be recovered back.


– Advanced uninstalling features

– Clean all the junks

– Reliable for registry cleaning


– None

How to install Cleanmypc Crack?

– Start by downloading the setup

– Extract the files and run them

– Install the setup

– Generate the Cleanmypc Activation Code

– Paste the key

– Your cracked Cleanmypc is now ready

Cleanmypc Activation Code will help you to maintain optimal functionality on your system by clearing all the junk files. Download Cleanmypc today and give your computer a smooth running.