CCleaner Pro Crack + License Key Free Download [2023]

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CCleaner Serial Keys Free

Ccleaner crack is a cleaning software that enables you to completely scan your computer and delete any unwanted files and data. The program cleans everything from cookies, rarely used files, registry and any duplicate file that your computer might have. Ccleaner Pro Key has been helping many people to clean their computer, and it is one of the reputable and trusted programs that will clean your system without interfering with the security. A computer that is full of junk files will run slowly making the user experience boring. You need to make sure that your computer always remains at top performance and the only way to do this is by cleaning it.

Ccleaner Pro Key helps you to free a lot of space on your computer as the program will automatically detect any dormant folder or a duplicate file and clear them. When your computer space is full, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything that you have there is useful to you. You might have downloaded some files a long time ago, and you no longer use them. However when it comes to choosing the files that you don’t use it can be a daunting task as you will have to go through each folder. This is where Ccleaner Pro Key helps you as the program will run a complete scan on all your folders and inform you of any dormant file or software that might be filling your computer for nothing. You can use Ccleaner Pro on any device including desktop, laptop, and any smartphone whether an android system or Windows.

Ccleaner Pro crack will delete any useless data that is overloading your computer including the browser history. This program will also clean any virus on your computer making it run faster than before. A well-cleaned system will start faster, and all applications will open easily including the heavy ones. Cleaning all the junk files and registry will also prolong the lifespan of your drivers, and you will not need to update them any time soon. This helps to prolong the lifespan of your hard drives even if they are weak.

CCleaner Pro Crack + License Key Free Download [2020]

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Ccleaner Pro Crack + Key Features

Hardware Notifications

Although software issues are the main causes of a low performing computer, hardware issues can also contribute to the underperformance of a computer. However, if you are not a technician identifying hardware issues in your computer can be a challenge. You need to be equipped with the necessary skills, and if you don’t have them, then you will need to consult a technician. But for any visit you to pay to an expert, you will have to pay for it whether your issue is sorted or not. Many experts will even charge for consultancy only, and this can be a challenge if you are a student. Ccleaner Pro Key will save you from all these as it will act as your consultant for free. You don’t have to pay anything to get the service. The program will advise you on any hardware issue that will get discovered during the scanning process. With this software, you will get all the hardware related information. You will get notified about any failing or challenging drive.


As you clean your PC, you might delete even your most important document and pictures. Many people will save their most important files and photos in more hidden folders that can even stay for months without being opened. When cleaning your computer using Ccleaner Pro Key, these folders will get marked as dormant and useless and most probably you will delete them. However, when you accidentally delete your important folders, it doesn’t mean you will lose them permanently or go online again looking for a recovery application. Ccleaner Pro Key will do everything for you as you can recover your most important files with the same application. This program will help you to clean and recover files leaving you with no need to download other soft wares. Everything gets covered under one roof.

Recovery from crashed disks

Your disks don’t need to be working for you to recover any saved file from them. When you don’t realize a too much-congested disk on time and clean it, you will easily lose it due to crashing. When your drives crash you don’t have to let everything go as some of the files might be very important. You need to try as much as you can and get your saved data back. Ccleaner Pro Key will cover all your needs, and you don’t have to look any further. Just download the program and recover any data from any drive.

Comprehensive Scan

Maybe you lost your files a long time ago, and you are now confused if you can recover them as you are finding it too late, then you shouldn’t worry anymore. Ccleaner Pro Key runs a comprehensive scan that will enable you to recover any file that got lost a long time ago. Although this scan may take longer its worth as it will save you from the struggle of creating your documents afresh. Not every time you want to recover files the program will do a comprehensive scan, the choice will depend on you as you will be able to choose whether a quick or full scan. You can also choose to recover files from a certain disk instead of recovering the whole computer.

Simple and friendly

The program is very simple and friendly to use. Ccleaner Pro Key comes with a simple user interface that you can understand and use with ease. There is nowhere you will need to struggle from downloading to installing the program. The whole process is simple and faster. The user interface is very welcoming, and you will enjoy it after installing the program.

How to install?

– Download Ccleaner Pro setup  from the link

– Extract the files

– Install the setup and wait for the process to finish

– Generate Ccleaner Pro Key

– Copy the key and paste it on the dialog

– Click on the activate button to activate the application

– You are done

Download Ccleaner Pro Key to free your computer from junk files, dormant files, and duplicate files.