Ant Download Manager Pro Crack + Patch Full Version [Latest]

Ant Download Manager crack

Downloading is a common activity that many people will do at least once or even two times every day. As you browse the internet, you will always find a new video or music that will attract you, and you will need to download it to your device. Downloading a file gives you access to it easily and helps you to avoid many procedures. It also saves you a lot of money as you will not need an internet connection next time for you to watch that video. However, many websites such as YouTube and DailyMotion will not allow you to download files from their website, and you will need to visit the website any time you want to watch something. Imagine browsing the internet every time you want to watch or listen to your best music or movie. This can be costly and time-consuming as you will have to search for the videos again. Artists will produce new music and movies daily which will flood the websites and make the search process long. The best thing is to make sure you look for a way of saving the best files to your computer so that you can access them with ease.  This is where Ant Download Manager crack comes in as it will help you to save any file from restricted websites such as Vimeo and YouTube.

ant download manager pro crack

Ant Download Manager crack is a new download manager that helps you to download files and manage them with ease. Apart from giving you a chance to download files from the restricted sites it also increases your download speed up to 5 times. Although browser downloader will help you to download music and movies from certain websites, they will be slow compared to Ant Download Manager crack. This program comes with advanced features that can be differentiated from the common browser downloaders.  The software will help you to schedule downloads, manage downloaded files, restrict your download speed, pause/resume downloads among other great features. This application is compatible with all Windows systems making it applicable to many people. You can download movies from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook and many more.

Ant Download Manager Pro Crack + Patch Full Version [Latest]

Ant Download Manager Crack Features

Multiple downloads

With the increased number of artists, you will always get a lot to download from the internet. When you visit any website, you will get new movies that you have not watched before. Definitely, you will try to look for the best, but at the end, you will end up with the urge of downloading more than five files that can even take you the whole day when using the ordinary browser downloader. Downloading one file at a time can take you a lot of time as you will have to wait for one to complete and then start downloading another one. However, with Ant Download Manager crack is not the same case as you can download as many files as you want at the same time. You will not have to keep waiting for one video to finish so that you can start a new download. You will do everything at ones and save time. The only thing you will need is a strong internet connection that will support the required bandwidth.

Download the whole playlist

Established artist have long lists of videos that can have up to 100 videos in one list, and if you are fun to such artist, it means you will have a lot to download. Most probably you will find out of a list of a 100 videos you may want to save 90 videos in your device which means you will use a lot of time in downloading that list. Ant Download Manager crack allows you to download the whole list at the same time without having to wait for one video at a time. You will copy the link to the list and paste it to the program and wait for it to do the rest. The program will download the whole list without the need for your intervention until the whole list is saved to your computer. After downloading you can select any video that you don’t like and delete.

Manage your downloads

Apart from downloading your files faster, this program will also help you to manage them well for easy retrieval. You will be able to download your files in category form and save them in the same way for easy retrieval. During the downloading process, the application will help you to choose where you want to save downloads and how you want to name them. You can save the files in documents, audio, programs, or videos category. This way you can use your device without struggle as you will easily know where everything has been saved.

Compatible to all browsers

When you think of installing Ant Download Manager crack in your system, it doesn’t mean you will go looking for a new browser. It’s always good and efficient to go for a program that will be compatible with your current browsers. Going to the internet to look for new browsers will take more of your time, and this is not what you want.  Ant Download Manager crack will be compatible with your already installed browsers, and you will not have to go looking for a new browser. The program can get integrated with Internet Explorer browsers, Google Chrome, Opera mini, Mozilla Firefox, and many more browsers.

Other features

  • Compatible with YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and many other movie websites
  • Increased download speed
  • Automatically receive any link from the clipboard
  • Compatible with FTP, HTTPS, and HTTP protocols
  • Drag and drop functionalities
  • User-friendly interface

How to crack?

  • Make sure you uninstall any previous version of the program
  • Turn your antivirus off
  • Install the software but don’t run it
  • Run the crack by clicking the crack button
  • Enjoy the program

Ant Download Manager Crack covers all your downloading needs. The program helps you to download files with ease and manage them.  Download it and change your downloading experience.

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