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serial Sony vegas pro 13 With Crack + License KEYS Lifetime

Serial Sony Vegas Pro 13 is leading professional editing software. It is characterized by native support meant to help a wide range of users. It also features a video codec’s support which includes 3D. This editing software entails similar editing tools like the ones found in the industry-standard application, and it is an excellent alternative for common software like Adobe.

Sony vegas pro 13 crack can offer almost all types of video formats quickly and provide users with a perfect preview without the need to pre-render. The software also entails special features such as keyframing color correction, chroma key and masking just to mention a few. What’s more? It has new meters that users use to indicate the desired audio strength for their programs. It has integrated proxy support which allows you to scale down the video quality so it can fit in a less powerful system such as a laptop when editing and still retain its full quality.

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Sony vegas pro 13 crack key features

The software comes with numerous great features which makes it the ideal option for anyone in the deed of an all-in-one editing software. They include;

Expanded editing

It is easy. You only need to double-click the edit point, and you will be able to see the timeline in a detailed roll view. The adjacent frames will appear clearly on the tracks while the unused media appears in the timeline. The edit point will be highlighted in red which allows you to trim the edge pint with a numeric pad. You can then set your desired Loop Region around the event edge so you can add or remove some aspects from either side while the media plays to come up with concise editing experience.

Interchange feature

The software has a project interchange feature that allows you to import and export project files to and from Vegas Pro.

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This feature is designed to help users meet the collaboration challenge during video productions. It works by offering an alternative to written notes and spreadsheets and by offering both offline and online review workflow. This app consists of a comprehensive review system located within a gesture-drive control surface.

Proxy-first workflow

The feature allows users to shoot an XDCAM footage using compatible Sony camcorders and then use Sony Wireless Adapters to send proxies in high-quality versions to the cloud. This way, editors at the shop can download and edit the videos without the need for the high-resolution files from the fields. The editor can then relink the edited project to the high-resolution files after arriver for rendering.

NewblueFX video essentials VI

The app features 100 presets and ten sophisticated plug-ins. This feature aims to enhance effects that editors can add to their projects which include a cutaway, color replace, picture gird, saturation, chroma key pro, Garbage matte, picture-in shape, and the title just to mention a few. To do this, the software uses the OpenFX aspect.

Project archiving

The software allows users to file any media related to the project.


The application has been integrated with new video effects from FXHOME to make the video and photo editing processes seamless. These include;

  • Witness protection – this element is made for masking specific aspects that the editor wants to hide from the frame. These include face masking, hiding license plates, and confidential information. It is achieved by placing a particular shape on the area that you want to hide.
  • TV damage – this feature is used to create an interference or distortion that looks like what you see on CRT television during a bad transmission.
  • Scan liners
  • Light frames
  • Vibrance
  • Bleach bypass – this one is designed to replicate high contrast look

XAVX Intra MXF Smart Render

The feature assists in reducing render times by offering you the XAVC Intra MXF render templates.

Multi-tool Paradigm

This tool is mostly organized in a pop-up menu located below the timeline to offer you fast access and seamless editing workflow.


  • Download the Sony Vegas Pro 13
  • Install Sony Vegas Pro 13. To do this, tun vegas pro 13,0.290 file which is only recommendable for 64 bit systems. After installing, close the application
  • Run the vegas pro 13 in folder Patch KHG and click the Patch button
  • Use a firewall to ensure that this app does not connect to the internet
  • For a seamless application and avoiding any issues regarding license key, do not update the software

System requirements

  • OS Windows 7 and above
  • 4GB RAM
  • The hard disk should be at least 500MB
  • The CPU should be a 2ghz multicore processor
  • The GPU should be OpenCL, upl GPU accelerated processing with 512MB
serial Sony vegas pro 13 With Crack + License KEYS Lifetime

Why choose Sony Vegas Pro 13 crack + serial key

It comes with numerous benefits that make it the best choice, and they include;

4K support

You will find the fact that the software supports large frame sizes of up to 4096 x4096 which is quite incredible. For a standard DCI, the 4K image is 4096 x 2160. This high resolution offers you with more flexibility and details when cropping, so you crop and get HD images or videos.

Excellent GPU acceleration

You can take advantage of the power locked in the software GPU to achieve great playback and fast renders. Sony Vegas Pro 13 uses GPU to enhance video effects, track motion, compositing, transitions, and encoding. This automatically improves the timeline performance, gives you high resolution with a variety of crank encoding speed and effects.


Sony Vegas Pro 13 crack is one of the most powerful yet affordable editing software. If you are looking for an easy to use or you want to up your game from your basic program, this is the right one for you. Downloading and installing it is easy and you can even download a trial program and take it for a spin. The best part is that you do not have to be a professional to use it as everything is straightforward and the results are incredibly great. You will love the new Serial Sony Vegas Pro 13 features that make the editing process more manageable and smooth than before.