Microsoft office 2016 professional plus product key

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Microsoft office 2016 professional plus product key

Microsoft office 2016 professional plus product key

Microsoft Office is a set of products that was developed by Microsoft Corporation that includes Microsoft PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Excess, Word, and Access.  Each of the programs serves a unique purpose and is compatible with other programs incorporated in the package. The suite of programs is supported by both the Windows and Macintosh systems. Microsoft Office is the most commonly used software globally. Microsoft office helps one to operate more efficiently so that one can be more productive. Each of its components is user-friendly and includes easy-to-access help files built right in. It is essential to know the Microsoft Office Suite for the following reasons.

I)    Communication – it is easy to communicate and collaborate more effectively with Microsoft tools. While using Outlook for email or taking advantage of the co-authoring characteristics in Word and PowerPoint one is literally on the same page with his/her fellow workers. This ease of communication helps cut down on flaws and improve the quality of services offered to the customers.

II)    Productivity – Microsoft helps one operate more efficiently to be more productive. For instance, Excel does not just allow one to quickly enter and compute data but also has advanced analytical tools that enable one to discover patterns and make appropriate financial decisions.

III)    Simplicity – each of the components is user-friendly. If one gets stuck at any moment, there is a help tab where one is allowed to type their question for directions. There are also online tutorials on how to troubleshoot whatever issue that arises.

IV)    Popularity – Microsoft Office is used by many organizations. Therefore, the skills one has acquired on the software from their working environment are readily transferrable to new jobs and organizations.

Microsoft office 2016 professional plus product key is a version of the Microsoft Office productivity family, succeeding Office 2013. Microsoft Office 2016 activations keys or product keys can be used to activate one’s trial or limited edition of office 2016 suite. Its keys are more accurate and working than any other activation keys you find from anywhere else.  It is easy to download, install and use.

Key features of Microsoft Office 2016 product key with crack

i)    It has a smart LOOKUP function which returns any data type such as a string, numeric, date among others which are values from a range or an array. If the LOOKUP function cannot find an exact value, it chooses the most considerable value in the LOOKUP-RANGE that is less than or equal to the value. If the value happens to be less than the LOOKUP-RANGE, then a not applicable (N/A) will be returned, and if the values stored in the array are not sorted in ascending order, the LOOKUP function will return an incorrect value. It is a built-in function in Excel that is categorized as a Lookup or Reference function. It can also be utilized as a worksheet function in excel.

ii)    It has a planner which allows the users to assign projects, track progress and rearrange responsibilities directly from the created dashboard. In other words, it is used to assign tasks, share files and collaborate through the chat to execute a project or a plan especially in an organization where teamwork is a requirement.

iii)    It has new charts in Excel which include the Waterfall Chart, the Histogram Chart, the Pareto Chart, Treemap that displays hierarchically structured data, the Sunburst Chat, the Box and Whisker Chart.

iv)   It has better integration with One Drive, and Skype where files open up in Office Online and one can start to edit with Skype’s messaging interface to the right of the screen. This feature preserves history as it remains connected to the document in question and appears every time the document is re-opened.

v)    It is Co-Authoring. The best addition to Office 2016 is the introduction of features called co-authoring which is available in various Office application such as PowerPoint and Word.

vi)   Clutter in Outlook which is designed to help focus on the most important messages from a person’s inbox folder to a new folder with the name Clutter. This clutter usually learns the user’s actions for it to determine the messages the user is likely to assume.

Microsoft office 2016 professional plus product key

System Requirements

–    2 GB RAM for a Windows computer and 4 GB for Mac.

–    3 GB of available disc space for any windows system and 6 GB FOR Mac; the format of HDD in Mac should be Extended Mac OS OR HFC Plus. Extra space is highly recommended for temp files.

–    1 GHz processor for Windows computer and for Mac, Intel processor is recommended.

At least Net 3.5; as 4.5 LCR get more recommended as 3.5 may restrict some features.

–    A Microsoft account on your computer. The account must be already logged in.

–    The screen size of 1280 x 800 a better one for the proper functioning of the programs.

–    The browsers utilized should be the latest version or the versions preceding the most recent version.

How to install Microsoft Office 2016

–    Download and install the setup.

–    Extract the Microsoft Office 2016 file.

–    Once extracting is competed, open Microsoft Office 2016 Pro folder on the desktop and run the setup.

–    Wait until Microsoft Office finish installing.

How to activate

–    Open the setting on the PC (start button to tap search option type of PC settings into the box you opened and click the PC settings button).

–    Click on update and security present in PC settings. Then go to your Windows defender or any other antivirus and turn all of them.

–    Download the cracked file from a reliable website.

–    Locate the downloaded files on the Downloads folder of your computer. They should be in zipped form. Unzip them and extract out the Microsoft Office Activator file. This will need to be extracted as well as the Re-loader Activator.

–    Run the Re-loader Activator. A dialogue box opens, and different options are on it. Windows option should always not be ticked, while the offer options should be marked.

–    Next is to click the activate option to finish the activation process. This step completes the crack, download and activation process.

Microsoft office 2016 professional plus product key