Microsoft Office 2016 Crack With Professional product key Free

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Microsoft office 2016 Crack Full Version + Product key Free

Microsoft Office 2016 Crack With Professional product key Free

Microsoft is known all over the world for its office tools. The ability to provide a system to manage office tasks efficiently. This is in matters relating to data processing. Apart from just offices, Microsoft is very useful every day tool. Microsoft office 2016 Crack is able to handle various aspects of data. This can be in the form of projects, figures, presentations among others. An example is editing projects or writing assignments using word. Designing can generate presentation. It’s flexibility around office functions is what makes it superior.

 Microsoft office 2016 Crack is an updated version of Microsoft. Microsoft office is referred to as an office suite. This is mainly because of the functions it does. It’s services applications and servers are managed by Microsoft. Microsoft is commonly known for features such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel. However Microsoft has developed these applications. Now there are many office applications. A few are such as data integrations, spell checkers and visual basic. All these features are meant to make the office a better place and manageable. Microsoft office has in place new features added to previous applications. Applications include; Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft publisher, Microsoft vision and skype. Their function are as follows;

Microsoft Visio – This apps main purpose is facilitating drawing of diagrams and flow charts.

Skype- Skype introduces a way for business to work online. This can either be in conferencing as well as meetings. While using skype you convey messages in real time as opposed to waiting for feedback. However skype is limited as you need proper network to carry out communication effectively.

Microsoft publisher- This app is focused on functions related to publishers. Mostly involves designing of postcards, business cards, brochure, labels, calendars, greeting cards and newsletters. You can adjust on any font style, picture, frame or color to fit your designs.

Microsoft project – It is focused on providing a way to manage projects effectively. One can also create Gantt charts. This way users can develop their projects in an organized and effective manner.

Microsoft Outlook – Outlook provide a way to communicate by means of using mail. Normally this is in outlook mail. The application includes Address book, calendar, task manager and Email. You can send files and documents to other mail addresses via use of outlook.

Microsoft Power point – This app is focused on displaying presentations or slides. You can create objects, slideshows, Graphics and includes text. It makes possible the ability to generate presentations. The application has all the necessary tools required for editing.

Microsoft Access- It can be referred more as a database. It is responsible for storing of data. This can either be files, folders, pictures, videos among others.

Microsoft word- It is the most common Microsoft application. It facilitates word processing. Users can create documents using any font style and text.

Features of Microsoft Office 2016 Crack?

Customization – Microsoft office 2016 crack makes it easy to use. This is because of the ability to change settings as you wish. Users are able to choose different available themes. In place are also new icons.

Co-authoring – This is among the most interesting and also convenient features. Now with office colleagues you can work on a project more easily. Co-authoring gives ability for more than one user to work on a document at the same time. Users are also not limited to using the PC. Co-authoring is also supported when using smartphones. It also makes it possible for other users to see other work progress on the project. This is done in real-time.

Smart lookup- Before you had to search the web to know the meaning of words. Microsoft office 2016 introduces the “Smart Look up” feature. This feature is meant to find any formats in a word directly from the web. You can search the word by highlighting and choosing the smart lookup option.

Clutter in Email Outlook- Most times you may miss on important emails. Especially if you do not check your mail regularly this happens. Most mail box are full of promotional mails which you may never look at. Microsoft office 2016 full crack introduces the clutter. The clutter is a feature that observes and does an analysis of your email. It observes your most contacted person and will prioritize mails from this person or organization. This means every time you log in to your outlook mail the contact appears first.

Planner- This feature suits the management. Managers can observe as well as supervise their colleagues projects progress. The planner gives users ability to create a dashboard for managing tasks. Using this dashboard users are able to track colleagues drop to a colleague. The users who may be the manager will receive a notification upon a change from a member.

Charts- Excel has introduced a number of features in terms of the chart. Examples of chart types include; Box and whisker, tree map, waterfall, histogram, sunbursts and pareto.

One drive and Skype integration- Now it’s possible for users to access any of their office documents from any device. Users are also able to resume work they were doing from where they left.

Microsoft office 2016 Professional product key





System requirements

Random Access memory (RAM) required free space is 2GB.

The hard disk space should meet 3GB free space.

The recommended processor should be 2.5GHz for best performance.

How to crack?

Download the crack version of Microsoft office 2016.

Extract the setup file.

Run it.

Activating Microsoft office product key

Download the Microsoft office 2016(setup file).

Start the installation process of the Microsoft office 2016.

You are required to disconnect from the internet connection.

Run the activation to start generating the product key.

Use the keys to activate the Microsoft office 2016 crack.

Microsoft 2016 crack brings in place a number of new features. The one drive integration starts off. It becomes hard having to carry your computer everywhere. Actually most people use computers at work. This bring limitation especially if you were working on a project. This it’s brings forth to limitation in movement. However with the One drive feature users area able to access their projects even from a different device. The incredible factor is ability to resume from where you left off.

Clutter is another amazing feature. Most times people hardly check mails. Incase you check most mails are actually marketing promotional mails. At times you may miss out on important mail due to a lot of emails. However now with the clutter your mail is sorted. It’s is able to detect persons you communicate regularly. This way it places the contact emails to appear as the first. By doing this you never miss on important mails. Co- authoring also comes in as an advantage to office projects. Before this feature colleagues had to work separately as well as wait on each other to perform a task. Now with co-authoring you can work on a single document with colleagues at the same time. This itself saves on time spent in doing projects individually. Lastly you can customize to any theme of your preference. Microsoft office 2016 professional product key is your trusted office tool. Using the smart outlook you also look smart in terms of words you use.